Forth Valley College can boast a wealth of filmmaking talent, and we at Connect Forth are dedicated to bringing you some of the best filming projects of the past year – including documentaries, dramas, entertainment news, and live music events. Want to see more?
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Watch our Strange Behaviours coverage below:

Strange Behaviours coverage below:

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Do you have a video project you want to submit?

We’d love to showcase your work! We do have some rules, boring (we know) but it’s just to make sure your entries are suitable for our audience! If you would like to submit work, we ask your content applies to the following:

1. It must be suitable for an audience over 16.
2. No explicit or offensive language or gestures.
3. No bigotry or abusive comments towards any person or group(s).
4. Present content with accuracy and impartiality.
5. No bias towards political views at any time.
6. No nudity or graphic scenes.
7. Ensure that you have written consent for copyrighted content and any appropriate release forms.